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TSA 的會長 Kevin 想再次跟大家提醒一下。

台灣中華棒球隊將於十月十八日至二十二日在Thornlie Baseball Park從晚上七點半開球到十點左右跟本國柏斯Barbagallo對賽。

The players will be arriving in Australia on Wednesday night, ready for the Thursday night first match!!


We want you to support them!

Please be there and make lot of noise to give them your support!


For more information go to to see the location of the baseball park in Thornlie.


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We have our own Taiwan Taipei Baseball Team (台灣台北棒球隊) coming to Perth on 18th October to 22th October. They will be playing off this state's championship team Perth Barbagallo, during this five day match. Although this is just a friendly match, but you will see plenty of action and rivalry with both teams. For more detailed information please visit Baseball WA's website regarding the match times and admission prices.

All games are held in the Thornlie Baseball Park and starts at 7.30pm sharp.

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